How to Spot Stalking Signs and Stay Safe

If you feel the slightest instinct that something might be off with someone you’ve met, you must alert someone right away. There are several signs of stalking behavior as each means that you can find yourself in trouble when least expected.

Here’s how to spot stalking signs and stay safe.

Stalkers Show Intensity

Stalkers come in all races, personalities, and more. They could be the sweet, quiet girl in class or even that friendly guy who helped you with your tire. While they come in all forms, they all share one characteristic that is hard to ignore: intensity.

Stalkers make strong eye contact with their prey. While this makes victims enjoy the attention, there is a dark side of that kind of intensity. Stalkers will convince you that you have a strong connection and what to move further than normal.

Knowing Things About You Before You Even Mentioned It

Stalkers work like detectives to find out everything they can about you. They will ask people you know for details and make an effort to research their targets. Stalkers will want to know where you live, what you do, where you do, and everything in between.


They Ask Specific Questions About What You Post Online

Social Media is a haven for stalkers as they spend hours stalking your account and stay updated throughout the day. When they ask about the people in your photos or who comments on your page, you will need to evaluate their stalking tendencies.

They Visit Unannounced

Stopping by unannounced is one behavior that makes victims nervous. Keep this in mind as a major sign that your privacy and boundaries are not being respected. Stalkers will drop by your home or anywhere they can find you.


Alert your friends, family, and neighbors if someone you’re dating is making you uncomfortable. Never travel or go somewhere alone with them. Keep these tips in mind once you start noticing these signs of stalking.


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