Dealing with Divorce: Ways to Protect Your Children From Conflict

Dealing with a divorce is a stress period for everyone affected in the family. When a family finds itself in the middle of a divorce, the children are not often the first thought amidst the conflict.

Psychologists believe that the best way to help your children is to isolate the disruptions from the major changes.

Here are ways to protect your children from conflict.

Maintain a Normal Consistency

Going through a divorce involves a lot of instability. While the marriage is coming to an end, parenting is a lifelong job. Children going through a divorce also suffer from the major changes. Parents must keep children out of the dispute. Allowing them to be caught in between parents will ultimately cause them stress as well as suffer due to inconsistency, poor role models and lack of attention.

Control Your Emotions

Most parents tend to go through a roller coaster of emotions that range from conflict to separation. As the feeling of anger and resentment come and go, sadness and despair also follow. Control your feelings and use good communication skills.

Staying formal and cordial will keep your anger and emotions in order. It is important to remember that arguments are temporary, but what happens during those arguments will last forever.

Avoid Conflict of Loyalty

Avoid situations where the child feels pressured choose between their parents. Most parents do not realize that they put their child in the middle of arguments, but children do. There are often times when some parents criticize the child for not taking their side or when they want to be with the other parent.

Determine a Co-Parenting Plan

Parents can learn to manage conflicts by leading a positive example. Discuss with your ex-partner on ways you both can co-parent and be on the same page. Shared parenting comes with its share of challenges but with communication and patience, your child will feel the understanding and less stressed.

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5 Major Safety Tips for Victims of Spousal Abuse

No one deserves to suffer from abuse. If you being abused and looking for a safe way to get out, you must remember that there is still hope. The reality for many victims is they find themselves unable to leave the relationship or threatened if they do.

If you are in an abusive relationship, consider the following tips to help you and your family. Here are 5 major safety tips for victims of spousal abuse.

Beware of Signs

The abuse might show patterns of abuse and what may trigger them. Be aware of any signs that show the leading stages of how they become violent. If the situation becomes violent, try to remove you and your family from the situation immediately, if possible.

Create an Emergency Plan

When violence happens, make sure that your children have a plan to get to safety. Tell them to not get involved or else they might risk getting hurt. Choose a code word to let them know that they need to leave the house immediately and get help. If they are not able to leave the house, decide on a safe place to call for help.

Always Have Your Phone

Always have a phone to get to, aside from your cell phone. It is also important to know which numbers to call, such as 911 or the National Domestic Violence.


Learn That It Is Okay To Confide in Friends and Neighbors You Trust

This could mean the difference between life and death. Make a plan with to let them know when you really need help so they know what to do. Figure out a signal with a trusted neighbor like flashing the lights or hanging something out the window. This will alert them to call the authorities.

Prepare Yourself

Pack a bag of emergency clothes and items that you might need, just in case. Keep a copy of important documents such as birth certificates, immigration papers, passports, social security cards, etc.  This will be important, especially when filing a case against someone.


Do you have any tips for others suffering from spousal abuse? Comment below and let us know.



How to Spot Stalking Signs and Stay Safe

If you feel the slightest instinct that something might be off with someone you’ve met, you must alert someone right away. There are several signs of stalking behavior as each means that you can find yourself in trouble when least expected.

Here’s how to spot stalking signs and stay safe.

Stalkers Show Intensity

Stalkers come in all races, personalities, and more. They could be the sweet, quiet girl in class or even that friendly guy who helped you with your tire. While they come in all forms, they all share one characteristic that is hard to ignore: intensity.

Stalkers make strong eye contact with their prey. While this makes victims enjoy the attention, there is a dark side of that kind of intensity. Stalkers will convince you that you have a strong connection and what to move further than normal.

Knowing Things About You Before You Even Mentioned It

Stalkers work like detectives to find out everything they can about you. They will ask people you know for details and make an effort to research their targets. Stalkers will want to know where you live, what you do, where you do, and everything in between.


They Ask Specific Questions About What You Post Online

Social Media is a haven for stalkers as they spend hours stalking your account and stay updated throughout the day. When they ask about the people in your photos or who comments on your page, you will need to evaluate their stalking tendencies.

They Visit Unannounced

Stopping by unannounced is one behavior that makes victims nervous. Keep this in mind as a major sign that your privacy and boundaries are not being respected. Stalkers will drop by your home or anywhere they can find you.


Alert your friends, family, and neighbors if someone you’re dating is making you uncomfortable. Never travel or go somewhere alone with them. Keep these tips in mind once you start noticing these signs of stalking.


Must-Know Safety Tips For A Night On The Town

The world as shift and feminism isn’t something irrelevant in every part of the world. Women now enjoy an equal level of freedom like men. Unlike before where men alone celebrate their bachelor even with friends in form of a loud party, women now have equal right as hen party has now become something almost compulsory for the nearly wed.

Having fun to the fullest is usually one of the top priorities when going out especially to a hen party. However, it is important to know that making it home safe and sound is more important than the fun of the night. Therefore, when you attend that hen party which is purposely to make the bachelorette night of your friend a memorable one and make her happy before accepting the ring, practice these proven safety tips so that you can enjoy your night out to the fullest without any worry!

Travel Together

One of the best ways to ensure your security and safety at all times as a woman is to travel in the company of friends that you trust. There is a high tendency that you will be fine without them but with them around, you can have peace of mind and rest assured that you are safe and that there will be a helping hand in an emergency.

Drink Responsibly

Feminism is about equality but not to endanger yourself.  You have the freedom to the party but it is important that you drink responsibly especially at a night out. There is a difference between having fun and endangering your own life. Know your limits, don’t go beyond it as this is a perfect way to enjoy yourself to the maximum.

Book a Ride

Don’t drink and drive! Don’t drive and drink! This is one of the reasons why many people rant that hen party is not ideal. Some are addicted that they even drink while driving. During a night out, it is best to pay for a ride rather than driving yourself. With that, you can rest assured that you are in the care of the taxi driver until you reach your location.

Stay Vigilant

While you are out at night, it is important to be conscious of the security of your surroundings just in case something does happen. Be mindful of the people around you and be sure that you are in the midst of people that you are safe with. Remember the saying that the best security you can ever have is yourself so, ensuring that you are safe on a night out is your responsibility.

It is a world of freedom, no one can deprive you of enjoying your freedom and most especially, celebrating with your friend but with this safety tips, we assumed you should be safe while enjoying your night in the company of friends in a hen party.

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