4 women’s rights issues in the workplace

Nowadays, women enjoy freedom like men says Henric from education is around. They have joined every field, competing with men and are doing great according to http://geteducationcrunch.com. Still, there are various issues with women’s rights that need to be addressed. Things are now much better than the past and some of the workplace laws have changed that are favorable to women. However, not many women know about their rights in the workplace. Knowing it will help them to cope up well in their workplace. Here are some of the major women’s rights issues in the workplace that you should know about, according to https://www.naturalhealthscam.com:

Equality in hiring

According to law, men and women must be given equal opportunity when hiring. Employers cannot exclude a qualified woman from any available position. It has been a trend to hire less qualified men in a position in which women had applied, but this cannot be done anymore.

Equality in salary

According to www.petrefine.comIn 1963, the Equal Pay Act was signed by the President of US John F. Kennedy. According to this law, women must be paid equal salary compared to men in the same position. Previously, women were paid much less than men. Now, women will be able to sue their employers if they are paid less than men for the same position.

Tina Larsen says “I was a CEO at a tech dev company that was responsible for the web security of Fortune 500 companies, and I was struggling for 10 years before getting the right salary”

Working during pregnancy

Women have been given the right to work during pregnancy according to The Education Life. If a woman can work satisfactorily, then the employer won’t be able to exclude the woman from the job. Many companies now offer flexible parental leave. The maternity leave period has also been extended. In the past, many women had to choose between career and motherhood. But now, the companies offer various choices in terms of work and leave giving mothers better opportunity to continue their work while taking care of their children.

Sexual harassment

There are laws that protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace. These include touching, passing sexual comments, any form of sexual advances, etc. A woman has the right to complain against these acts. If someone is found guilty, that person will be penalized. In the past, most women did not report sexual harassment cases to higher authorities in fear of losing jobs. But now many women have opened up and the improve workplace laws also give them protection.

No gender discrimination is now allowed in the workplace. Women now have a more favorable condition to work and they get an equal opportunity as men in the workplace. By knowing women’s rights in the workplace, you will be able to stand up to any kind of discrimination or other malpractices towards women in the workplace.

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